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Play Galaga Now Online

To Play Galaga:
You must save the galaxy! We need your galatic fighting abilities to save earth from alien invaders. So manuver your space craft with the arrow keys (left and right) on your keep board and shoot the alien ships with your space bar. What is your high score for Galaga? You can improve it by playing defensive instead of only focusing on shooting. In Galaga the highest scores go to those who are not shot down.

How to gain an extra shooter in Galaga: One good strategy is to strategically allow your ship to be captured when an alien ship moves downward to capture your ship. If you still have all your lives, allow an alien ship to capture you and then shoot down the alien who has your ship on your next turn. You will then receive an extra shooter which means you will have a double cannon and will find shooting space aliens in Galaga much easier. From that point on the key is to shoot them down and dodge their fire. So go on, we are counting on you to save the galaxy. Thanks for your help. I'm sure that Namco, the creators of Galaga would say the same thing, but we can't speak for Namco.